Understanding the Congo Crisis

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For this project, artist Sapin Makengele produced a large drawing of his vision on the Congo-Crisis in co-creation with students from the Master course Negotiating Power in Africa (Leiden University) who designed a website with a historical analysis based on the artwork. The artwork shows various detailed storylines that are explored in further student assignments.

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Hover over the image to see the group projects. To enlarge, click the icon (left-top)

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The course

Negotiating Power In Africa aims to study 20th-century African history through the lens of power and historiography. History writing is a process of power, producing dominant narratives that structure the way in which we understand the world. [Read more…]

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The artist

Born in 1980 in Kinshasa, Sapin Makengele is a self-taught Congolese popular painter. In his work, Sapin often depicts and comments upon the Kinois social and political lifeworlds. In addition to art, Sapin’s interests include Congolese history and music. He has been involved in different projects that combine art and academics.  [Read more…]

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For Students

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