Margriet Reinders

Administration and Operation Manager
From The Netherlands

Academic / professional background

I have a Master in Education & Didactic Design and worked for more than 30 years  in West Africa with farmers, women and youth organisations in various projects related to health, nutrition, water and livelihood.

I always tried to culturally embed my work methods as much as possible, as I realised that most (western orientated) strategies were not adapted to the reality in the field. Since March 2017 I am back in The Netherlands where I work for Aeres, a knowledge institution in agricultural vocational education, to support international education projects.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

Voice4Thought is a platform that reminds me of my beautiful experiences in West Africa, where there exists such a huge creativity among all kinds of people to express themselves, which is often not heard. With this platform they have the opportunity to create, express, exchange, connect and inform themselves and others for positive change.


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