Live Blog: CTD Conference in N’Djamena, October 2017

The end conference of the project ‘Connecting in Times of Duress’ took place in the Chadian capital N’Djaména, 25-28 October 2017. The conference presented and discussed the research findings of the project, which explored how the introduction of ICTs changes patterns of communication and information flows where people live in duress.

The programme of the conference and the festival N’djam s’enflamme were covered extensively in the Live Blog. The two events happened simultaneously and were an extraordinary chance for an exchange between academia and art, fostering a rich debate on co-creation in research. Here you can find reports, opinions, galleries, interviews and much more on both the academic and the artistic programme.

The live blog was coordinated by Lucia Ragazzi (, with the collaboration of Sjoerd Sijsma (photos and videos) and Vera Bakker (photos).

The live blog was enriched by many collaborators: Rolland Albani from SAO magazine with articles on N’djam s’enflamme en slam; Catherina Wilson with blog posts from her personal blog Rumours on the Ubangui; Marie-Soleil Frère; Jean Eric Bitang, and the reporters on the panel discussions (Meike de Goede, Catherina Wilson, Inge Ligtvoet, Jonna Both, Inge Butter, Mirjam de Bruijn).

Read the 27 entries to the Live Blog here (Connecting in Times of Duress website).

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