The finalists of the ACSP 2022

The finals of the second edition of the African Cup of Slam Poetry, held in Addis Ababa in February 2022, are down to the final eight candidates!

Saoussene Aberkane

During the final phase of the second edition of the African Cup of Slam Poetry in Addis Ababa. in Addis Ababa, women’s poetry is on the rise with Saoussene Aberkane who will represent Algeria and all of North Africa.


Anthxny will represent his country Botswana and the whole of Southern Africa with honour and pride during this final phase of the 2nd edition of the African Cup of Slam Poetry in Addis Ababa.

Billy CasCandy

Billy Cascandy is one of the candidates who will represent the Central African region and his country Cameroon. All Cameroonians are counting on him to tame our ills during the closing stages of the second edition of the African Cup of Slam Poetry in Addis Ababa.

Abed-Négo Kassir

This worthy son of the land of Toumaï which means « hope of life » will represent his country Chad, after his qualification in July 2021 during the online phase of ACSP. Chad had the opportunity to organize the very 1st edition of the African Slam Poetry Cup in Ndjamena in 2018.

Abed-Négo Kassir, also known as Abd Al Nagu, was born on 29/03/1998 in N’Djamena, the Chadian capital. He began his career at a young age, rapping at school, which he eventually dropped after coming across slam. The young doctor in training manipulates words through two concepts: ‘slamédoc’ and ‘ChriSlam’, through which he dreams of touching the hearts of men to the ends of the earth by advocating loving your neighbour everywhere for a better world. His inspirations include Youssoupha, Kery James, Grand Corps Malade and Alain Moloto.

Elhadj O Baldé

Elhadj Oumar Baldé was born in Banankoro in a sub-prefecture of Kerouane in Guinea. Here he started schooling and was drawn to theatre. For health reasons he had to move to the capital Conakry where he continued his education. In high school he joined the school’s theater group Robellis. Not long after he discovered the art of slam. Together with two friends he won the inter-school slam contest organized by the collective J’ART-ICULE twice in a row (2015-2016). In 2017 he won the national slam championship of Guinea and was supposed to represent his at the African Cup of Slam and Poesie (CASP). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen reasons he could not. Nowadays he is part of a slam duo with Mamadouba Dieng.

Louisz Fasa

Fasa Louise Aurélie was born in 1998 in Toamasina, in the east of Madagascar.
She discovered slam poetry at the age of 15. It was during her third participation in the National Slam Festival that she became the champion of Madagascar in 2020, as an individual and as part of a team.
Being the winner of the year she was chosen to participate in the online phase of the ACSP in July 2020, during the 2nd edition of the African Slam Poetry Cup. Thanks to her brilliant performance she qualified for the final phase in Addis Abeba.

Louisz Fasa is also trained in the tourism sector. She chose poetry because being a rather reserved child, it is this passion that allows her to escape and express herself without fear.

Max J Pierre Louis

Max Juguilio Pierre Louis is a young talented poet born in 2000. He has many dreams and aspires to be a great ambassador of Mauritian-Rodriguan poetry. Max lives in a small village on the slope of the highest mountain of Rodrigues. Often he immerses himself in the colorful nature of his hometown to be inspired to write for the common man.

From generation to generation, his family have been protectors and practitioners of traditional music. This is why he is an avid Rap and Trap artist, combining the arts of writing and poetry in his compositions.

Bokon K Gagnon

Bokon K Gagnon is a young Togolese who holds a degree in Public Law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Lomé, and a certificate in presentation and communication skills from the Swiss Management Center University (Switzerland).

Bokon Kokoutsè Gagnon, alias Le Roi Bokon, was born on 8 December 1993.
Reporter and web editor, he took his first steps as a slammer in 2015 within the Amnesty International Togo movement before joining the open stages organised in the capital.

Captivating the audience during his various performances, the artist describes himself in one word: charismatic. And this young slammer, full of verve, drive and future, collects prestigious trophies: he won the National Patriotic Slam Championship in 2020. Then he was crowned champion of the National Slam Cup in Togo in 2021. He qualified for the online phase of the ACSP in July 2021.

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