The e-Publication platform invites experiments with alternative approaches to do and publish research in the digital and digitalised world. The platform shares these experiments, and is a new way to share our knowledge in innovative ways. Digitalisation has brought an enormous change in academic writing and production, opening new possibilities for an interactive and inclusive approach to research. It includes combining visuals, text, multi media that hold an endless potential as tools for providing scientific information and fostering reflection and debate. Our goal is to create a multi-area and interdisciplinary platform that encourages researchers to experiment a new use of the digital in their research fields.

Voice4Thought in consultation with Brill has started Bridging Humanities, a peer-reviewed online publication. Inspired by the research conducted in the last years in the Voice4Thought project, that embraced the biographical method and biography in context as a tool to interpret reality and present research, the goal of Bridging Humanities is to develop new methodologies based on the digital.

The e-Publication is open to researchers of all levels and all fields of interest, and we especially encourage young researchers to submit their projects. MA students are welcomed to present their project in our Master Series.

If you want to take part to the e-Publication, know more or submit your project, write an email to info@bridginghumanities.nl.



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