The aim of the e-Projects is to co-produce knowledge by experimenting with new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), academic research methods, artistic creativity, and society at large in order to impact the living conditions of people. We try to find new and practical ways of connecting with people as well as give them access to our knowledge and services. We bring academia to the streets and invite the streets to participate with academia in the hopes of increasing their participation on issues that affect them.

Currently our e-Projects include a m-Health tool for people in rural Chad to access health services using mobile technology, and a web series that encourages people living in the Netherlands to discuss Dutch politics.

We take pride in being open to using various disciplines and methodologies because they open up endless possibilities for exchange of ideas and creating social change.

We are always looking for new collaborations. If you would like to join one of our projects or have an idea, please send an email with your proposal, including an estimated budget to info@voice4thought.org.

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