Audio-visual and photography

Visuals, film and photography play an important communicative role in the everyday lives of people. Audio, sound and voices are essential communicators that show us what is happening at a particular moment and provoke responses. With the rise of internet and new technologies they can nowadays be shared in many ways, amplifying their potential to be circulated, shared, stored and discussed, and eventually dragging us into the stories.

Audio and Visuals for Thought (AV4T) combines these powerful tools of communication to tell the stories of engaged artists, scientists and opinion-makers.  

One of the most representative outputs of our research are the Pamphlets. These are the voices and images of our protagonists, presented as short video-summaries of their stories. Besides documenting their stories, the pamphlets are an opening to the scientific method of biographies in the context that we co-create.

Although edited and maybe colour corrected, we stand for a RAW reflection of the impressions, confrontations, and collaborations which we as makers encounter during our co-creation with the ones being portrayed. This means an essential focus on the processes and production of the films.

In all our projects we are looking for innovative ways of using audio and visuals to enrich the scientific debate and to encourage conversations about the role of audio-visuals in academics.

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