Fine art

The aversion that exists between art and science can be described as persistent. There is a mutual misunderstanding between artists and academics. Thirty years ago renowned artist Karel Appel said “I just mess around’, a statement not heard from the lips of many academics.

The V4T e-Arts section bridges the gap between these two worlds. The collaboration between art and science has potential value even beyond the arts. Art and science are not separate domains, but two dimensions in the common cultural space. Art without research lacks an essential base, this is also the case for science. Both are concerned with (cultural) developments and seek a balance between tradition and innovation.

Artists have their own way of thinking and sometimes they look differently upon social developments. With their visual work they can provide new perspectives. Emotion can be expressed directly to a public, without necessarily using words. The processes used in science, research, methodology and analysis aren’t very different from those used by artists to create new work. Therefore the end result and process are equally important for art and science alike. By employing artists as ‘field researchers’ we expand the role and place of art within V4T to become that of active field research.

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