Bridging Humanities

Bridging Humanities is a peer-reviewed and academically recognised publication that aims to promote a methodology of knowledge production in which the digital makes an integral part. Acknowledging the endless possibilities opened up by the introduction of the digital in the fields of humanities and social sciences, Bridging Humanities aims to:

  • create an interdisciplinary platform that encourages researchers to experiment with a new use of the digital in their research fields, and to promote an interactive use of academic output
  • provide informative and high-quality projects from a diverse range of disciplines from humanities and social sciences
  • elaborate an interactive methodology of creating and sharing knowledge.

Bridging Humanities’ projects are realised following academic guidelines and are published online and in open access.  Bridging Humanities is a publication from Brill, in partnership with LeidenASA and the Voice4Thought Foundation.

Watch a video of the launch on 7 June 2018 in Amsterdam:

To get more info on our projects and how to submit, visit the official website of Bridging Humanities here.

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