Aziz Siten’k

Aziz Siten’k is one of the most important and well known slam artists in Mali. Aziz Siten’k (pronounced ‘Sitinka’), alias Kone Abdoul Aziz in Bambara Dioula, was born in Abidjan-Port Bouet (Ivory Coast) on May 5,1986.

An important slammer in Mali, Aziz Siten’k has boosted the presence of slam poetry in Mali through his initiatives and his perseverance. According to him, « Mali is a country of oral history, and we have been living slam for centuries and generations through the griots and the Kuman Dosso (the word hunterers) ». The artist never runs out of ideas to further his musical art. In addition to his cultural association, Agoratoire, he also organizes a slam scene called, « Bamako Slam Show, » which takes place every last Saturday of the month in the Kalakuta cultural space.

This year, he plans to launch the national slam competition in Mali (MASSA SLAM). He took part in the activities for the third edition of the International Festival of Slam and Humour in Mali which was held on January 19th at the Institut Français du Mali. The third edition of FISH MALI also took place during March 14-20 in Bamako with the slogan, « Peace, security and intercultural dialogue in Mali ».

His passion and many international contributions to this style of music has made Aziz a true Ambassador of Slam.

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