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The second edition of the Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) is in progress! The first events were held digitally in July 2021, resulting in 8 finalists. The 8 finalists will meet up physically in Addis Abeba on February 16-19, 2022, to compete for the second title of Champion of Slam Poetry in Africa.

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The 8 finalist countries

Algeria – Saoussene Aberkane
Botswana – AnthXny
Cameroon – Billy CasCandy
Chad – Abed-Négo Kassir
Guinea – Elhadj O Baldé
Madagascar – Louisz Fasa
Mauritius – Max J Pierre Louis
Togo – Bokon K Gagnon

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About ACSP

The Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) is a Pan-Africanist event that brings together artistic talent from Africa and globally. ACSP creates synergy, unification in the artistic scene and hence works on a united Africa. Slam poetry, the celebration of words, has become an important cultural expression in many African countries over the past decade. ACSP promotes slam poetry as a uniting force.

The Africa Cup of Slam Poetry is a continental competition that takes place every two years. The first edition in 2018 brought together slam and spoken word artists and representatives from over 20 African countries during a five-day event in N’Djamena, Chad. Senegal emerged as the winner.

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